Service is the foundation of our tradition and Way of Tea. We have a saying at the Hut: We aren’t here to learn how to make tea, but to serve tea. Through service, we find the spirit of tea, which is one of humility, grace, open-heartedness and of offering our growth and wisdom to others. There is as much to learn from serving a ten-day course as sitting one. Service is also a great way to give back to a Center and tradition that have improved your life. In serving a course, we help spread these life-changing teachings and grow our own practice as well. Servers have their own residence, but will be expected to follow the same code of conduct as the guests, meditate twice a day and fulfill all their duties with heart. In order to be eligible to serve a course, a Chajin (tea person) must have completed at least one ten-day course as a guest.

Take a look at the guidelines for a course

Please fill out an application with the course you plan to serve. To be eligible, you must have taken at least one ten-day course in the past.

*Note that this does not reserve your course of service here at the Hut. One of us will respond soon with details about our availability, and help you with your course!

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